Why do weeds and moss grow on a brick paver installation? That is a great question and one we hear all the time.

The big assumption is that weeds grow up through the bottom of the installation and through the joints of the pavers. This is false!!

The number one reason weeds and moss grow between the brick pavers is due to inadequate or poor drainage, and/or little to no sun exposure. The inadequate drainage can be caused by settled or sunken areas, that were improperly sloped during installation. Patios that have stone walls around the perimeter (preventing water from draining appropriately), or even elevated landscape beds that also prevent effective water drainage.

When pavers are not draining properly, these areas remain damp (especially in shaded areas). Airborne debris such as seeds from trees or grass clippings begin to stick to the damp surfaces including pavers joints. Over time, this promotes the growth of weeds and moss. The airborne debris and seeds, within these damp areas, create the perfect conditions for germination. The roots then begin to grow in the shallow layer of sand that is in between the pavers. We would be happy to address any drainage issues prior to sealing your pavers. The best fix for damp pavers is proper drainage.

We appreciate your business, and as always, we look forward to serving you in the future. Utilizing the above steps will increase the effectiveness of your sealed pavers and ensure long term success. Please contact us for