Brick pavers are subjected to weather and staining which, over time, can lead to fading, discoloration and deterioration. With the right maintenance and care, they can continuously look brand new. 


Wash away grass and other growth from between the pavers and other stains from just normal use.


Sealing protects your pavers from numerous conditions


Repairs are easy with pavers, remove that brick and put in a new one. 

Power washing



Power Washing

Wash away stubborn stains and natural wear with the help of a power washer to bring back the coveted exterior aesthetic of the pavers. 

Brick Repairs

Pavers ten to have a high degree of strength and durability, but sometimes may show signs of damage because of extreame weather or improper base prep. We can detect and repair virtually any problem proptly. 

About Paver Sealing

With our modern equipment, premier products, and skilled staff, we will assure to maintain the authentic beauty, durability, and longevity of your brick paver investment for years to come.

Inhibits weeds and grass in joints

Reduces moss growth

Deters ants and other insects

Prevents loss of sand in joints

Helps repel oil, grease, grime and stains

Easier routine cleaning

Enhances color, texture and brightness

Resists the effects of harsh weather conditions

Provides protection from salt damage

Reduces surface deterioration and wear

Reduces paver loosening and cracks

Assures long lasting beauty and value

Other Services


Professionals bring your hardscaping dreams to life with custom design services


Spruce up your landscaping, driveway and walkways with complete new paver designs.

Landscape Lighting

Bring more character with custom lighting to highlight your home and favorite aspects of your landscape.

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